Hair loss which is common reason for worry among men and women of all ages can now be treated medically without any side effects and with great results. Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) has been welcomed by medical practitioners and patients alike for its great effect on hair loss.

About PRP

Blood is collected from the patient who has opted for PRP. Then the areas in their scalp which have less hair are subjected to derma roller treatment. In the meantime, the collected blood is medically processed by centrifuging it in order to increase the platelet count. This is then injected in the treated areas of the scalp. The procedure is done without any local anesthesia or surgical procedures. Hence the patient can be free from pain. Although the sound of injection is quite alarming, in reality this is the safest bet available for re growth of hair for no chemicals or painful sutures are to be made, instead one’s own blood is used for PRP procedure.

The procedure can be done in sessions that can last between 4 and 12. Unlike other procedures which take time to heal, PRP takes just a few hours and one can resume even their official work immediately after their session. The number of sessions required by a person depends on the level of hair loss and will be decided by the medical practitioner. The good news is in PRP results can be visible from the fourth session onwards. Mild growth of hair in the scanty regions will be visible. Hair grown this way is expected to remain healthy due to the platelets induced and the results are usually long lasting because the hair follicles are also strengthened by this process. In addition to the therapy some oral medications may be prescribed for the patient.

Who Can Opt For PRP?

People who have scanty hair, those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia both male and female can be benefitted through this therapy. The one major disclaimer is people who have gone bald completely cannot see positive results out of this therapy.

Pocket Friendly

This therapy is by far the most economic, medically performed therapy available. Each session is priced anywhere from 4000 to a maximum of 12000 INR in India. Depending on the level of hair loss the number of sessions will be decided. As mentioned earlier a minimum of 4 sessions are required. So, if you want beautiful and healthy looking locks of hair then it is as good as investing in a smart phone.

Advantages of the Therapy

  1. Non surgical
  2. Quick recovery
  3. Pain free
  4. No side effects
  5. Highly reliable
  6. Pocket friendly

As can be analysed from the facts mentioned above, this is the only procedure which helps in generating and re growing your own hair and hence provides the most natural looking bouncy hair. So do not wait anymore, check with your nearest reputed cosmetologist and fix an appointment for a PRP session.

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