Is Argan Oil Helpful For Hair Growth?

Beauty experts and self-proclaimed beauticians swear by this latest oil trend that is taking over the world. From The Body Shop to Organix, almost every haircare company is adding this ingredient to their products. Obtained only from Morocco, a local nut tree that has been used for centuries for internal and external health, argan is the new go-to natural ingredient for beauty. But, is argan oil helpful for hair growth? Is it just a fancy-sounding trend that has taken over the humble coconut and the decadent olive oils or is it here to stay as one of the best natural fats?

According to Argan Oil World, a website dedicated to, you guessed it right, argan oil, it has numerous benefits that include aiding healthy, supple skin, argan helps the hair as well. In what way? Let’s find out:


The natural nutrients in argan oil are what are needed for healthy hair. It contains high doses of Vitamin E and antioxidants, that strengthen the proteins in each strand and make it stronger. The oil itself can be used to nourish the hair overnight, or even style it, preventing it from getting frizzy with the humidity and pollution.

Topical Application

The shampoos, conditioners and other hair products we use contain chemicals that damage hair permanently with prolonged use. However, you can actually use argan oil as a shampoo, and it will leave your hair smooth and damage free after a shower. When your hair is still wet, apply it evenly to hair strands for a shiny, smooth mane that is protected against the sun and other elements.

Hair Mask

Another great benefit of argan oil is that it doesn’t damage hair even though if it is left on for hours. Just like other beneficial natural oils like coconut and olive, argan can be applied and left overnight as a hair mask. It will leave the skin feeling softer than ever.