Scalp Micro pigmentation is a tattoo process done on the scalp, in which small dots of pigments are tattooed that resembles the look of shaven hair. So it is basically a ‘tattoo’ that resembles a ‘hair’.

The Treatment

The treatment usually involves tattooing the scalp with pigments that resembles the stub of the hair giving it a very neat, short look. The colour of the pigment can be matched with that of the existing hair in the scalp. It is less painful and the pigment doesn’t go deep into the skin.

It is a permanent treatment and with time, the colour of the pigment can be touched up to that of the graying hair. Some people may require touch-ups after a point of time. But it is after a minimum of 5 years.

Who Can Go For This Treatment

This treatment is designed for those who want to conceal the skin scars and blemishes that they have acquired during their lifetime. The scars might have been caused due to surgery or accidents. It is also used to cover alopecia.

This treatment is not suitable for those who want to keep their hair cut long because the pigment looks like a stub and the remaining hair should be kept at a shorter length to give a natural look.

Reversing the Treatment

Once the treatment is done, and the candidate wants to change the style after sometime, it can be done to suit the latest fashion or trend. Changing the hairline position or the look is also possible.

The pigments can also be removed based on the candidate’s request. This is possible because the pigments do not penetrate deeper into the skin and can be removed in 1 or 2 sessions without pain.

Risks Involved

The risk of having the Scalp Micro pigmentation done is same as that of tattooing. Also, the risk depends upon the ink that is used in the procedure. If organic inks are used, then it is entirely safe. But if the inks used contain heavy/toxic metals like mercury or arsenic, then there is certainly a health risk. So, making sure that inks are safe is very essential.


  • Risk is low
  • Healing is fast
  • No waiting time for a great look
  • Option that is good for hair thinning
  • Very less cost
  • Color and style can be altered and chosen from time to time


  • Not suitable for lengthy hair
  • There is only one option – to shave hair to the shortest length
  • Its appearance greatly depends on the skill of the person who does it
  • It is not real hair, but only a hair pigment!

Scalp micro pigmentation is a form of tattoo. It is more appropriate to tell that it is a ‘permanent makeup’. So the makeup highly depends upon the skilled artists who perform it on you. Make enquiries and go for it only if you are satisfied with the answers you get from the people who have already gone through the procedure!

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