Lasers are used in all areas of medicine, particularly in surgery. But, the recent times are seeing lasers in the cosmetic world. High intensity lasers are used in hair removal, hair growth, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction. The big question is how does laser work for both hair removal and hair growth? How can it be used for all medical purposes?

Scientific Principle and Working of Laser

Lasers beams are high intensity light waves. The action of these Lasers is highly dependent on the wavelength. It has been observed that when wavelength output of the laser is around 635 -655nm, then it induces hair growth. But if the wavelength is increased to around 800 nm, it destroys the hair follicles. When even more high intensity is given to the Laser, it is used in surgical procedures.

Laser For Hair Re-Growth

When the laser is directed to the hair follicles, blood circulation around the follicles is increased. As the blood circulation increases, it promotes a healthy hair follicle i.e., it stimulates the dermal papilla where the hair shaft is generated. It helps in bringing the nutrients to the hair follicle and at the same time, helps in removing waste products called DHT from the hair. As the cellular activity increases, the weak follicle becomes healthy, thus promoting hair growth and thickness.

Effectiveness Of Laser Treatment For Hair Regrowth

Laser therapy is suitable for men and women with thinning hair and pattern baldness. The Laser treatment is mostly used with a combination of other treatments like Rogaine and Propecia. There is no side effect reported as such. But its long term benefits are still under debate.


Some of the Benefits of Intense Laser Therapy are

  • Unlike surgical transplants, laser therapy is painless
  • It is inexpensive compared to other treatments
  • The time required for this procedure is comparatively less
  • It can be used in both men and women

Influential Factors

Factors that influence the amount of laser therapy your scalp needs are as follows.

Follicle health: If the hair has just started to thin out, then it means that the follicle is still healthy and can be treated easily and quickly than those with severe hair fall.

Skin Type: The colour of the skin seems to determine the dose of laser optimal for the patient

Type of Laser:

Pulsed lasers: These are effective in tissue healing. But they get converted into heat energy and there are chances that the follicles might die due to heat. So, many prefer continuous wave lasers over pulsed lasers for hair loss.

Diffused Lasers: These have greater divergence and hence give more coverage thus reducing the duration of the treatment

Administration of Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is usually given in combination with other medications for hair growth. 2 or 3 sittings per week are recommended and the scalp is exposed to a maximum of 15 minute to the laser.

While there are several studies that verify the safety of lasers, there are no controlled studies validating the different devices used in the patients with hair loss. So it is essential for the patients to seek the help of a dermatologist before going in for this treatment.

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