Are you one of them? One who looks at an old college photograph and think, wow I had such thick hair back then or one that looks at your friend and thinks ‘I wish I had hair like him!’ or one that is the commonly teased for less hair. Then its time you move away from being one of them and join the other club that has great hair.

Do you wonder how Hollywood actors who were bald in the 2010 academy awards seem to have grown a lot more hair in 2011? The secret behind it is hair fusion technique. Sounds like some musical stuff right? Hair fusion technique is the magic wand that can make your hair situation from no hair to great hair in steps that may appear to look like natural hair growth.

About The Technique

In hair fusion technique, each strand of your hair is fused with more hair to make it look thick. It is a non surgical method which uses a medical gel to fuse hair onto one’s scalp. Using these technique even completely bald men can get restoration of hair. The only caution point is that all maintenance procedures have to be followed religiously.

Benefits of the Technique

  1. Lack of pain and scarring – Since no punctures are made on the scalp and no injections are given, basically because of its non surgical nature, there is no question of pain and scarring. That really is a relief.
  2. Easy maintenance – Once you opt for this technique, you will be taken through a detailed session that lists the dos and don’ts. Following those simple steps can ensure long lasting results. The points to remember are pretty simple detailing on what kind of care should be taken while washing your hair, what kind of cosmetic trends can this hair be subjected to and so on.
  3. Instant results – The outcome of this technique is available the very next minute. No waiting for the grass to grow after sowing the seeds. Since this is almost like sticking something on your scalp, the effect is immediate.
  4. For all – Anyone can get this done, bald or not. The only problem if you are completely bald is that you may want to show the hair in your head as a naturally grown one rather than an overnight growth. The good news is this can be done in order to make believe that it is naturally grown hair.
  5. Natural looking – Since real hair will be used in this technique there is no question of the end result looking like a wig placed on your head. This is simply because hair will be arranged in the existing pattern of hair and for bald men natural hair pattern will be followed while fusing hair.

The above mentioned points make this method the most suitable in case one opts for a non surgical or even a non medical way of getting thicker hair. The only cue is to select a trusted cosmetic procedure provider who has a history of successful hair fusions done.

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