Healthy hair is the manifest of a healthy body. Following a good hair care regime enhances the overall look and boosts your confidence level. It has become general knowledge off late that one should know the type of hair you have if it is normal, dry, and oily or a combination of these. There are different products and treatments available in the market for each type of hair. Whilst the hair type is based on your genes, making them look better is in the way it is treated.

Hair Care Routine

Prior to depending on products and treatments, let us look at some of the basic hair care routines one can follow to have healthy and great looking hair.

Hair Wash

Wash your hair regularly but not too much as it will strip the hair of its essential oils. Choose a good shampoo, conditioner and serum. If you have normal hair, wash once in every 2 days, for oily hair-washing everyday could be necessary and if you have dry hair, washing once in 2 or 3 days is sufficient.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Hair Type

For your shampoo routine, if you have normal hair experiment and use a good shampoo that suits you, for oily hair do not use cream based shampoo’s but use clear ones and for dry hair use a creamy hydrating shampoo.

As for your conditioner, choose a good brand and apply from your root till your ends if you have normal hair. If your hair is oily use a light conditioner and do not use it on the roots, as for dry hair use a good creamy moisturizer from the root to the hair ends.

Combing Basics

It is not advisable to run a comb through wet hair and try not to use a hair dryer unless you are really in a hurry. The heat from the dryer might damage and dry out your hair. The same goes with using straightening and curling irons.

  • Styling your hair will make you look great, but remember to use heat resistant sprays before using any of the above styling machines.
  • Use cloth rubber bands and cover your hair with a scarf during summer to avoid hair expose to the sun.
  • Apply oil at least once a week and massage the scalp to keep the hair moisturized and to increase the blood flow respectively.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet consisting of good portions of protein like chicken, eggs, sprouts and milk is essential for healthy body and hair.

Drink plenty of water to keep the body and hair hydrated. Folic acid and Biotin are two nutrients that produce protein in the hair and these nutrients are available in abundance in these foods: green leafy vegetables, soybeans, wheat grains, lentils, peas and brown rice.

Trim your hair on a regular basis to remove split ends from moving further up the length of the hair. Go for natural hair colours and sulphate-free shampoos to avoid chemicals. Brush your hair before going to bed to remove knots made during the day and secure it with a ponytail or a plait to prevent your hair from breakage and damage while you toss and turn.

Follow these simple regimens and you will be able to see visually beautiful and healthy hair. Style away with healthy hair and look gorgeous.

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