In a normal hair growth cycle each individual sheds about 100 hairs each day, it is usually a distressing development when the hair loss is excess. Hair loss would affect virtually anyone and is backed up by many causes. Thus before it is too late for recovery the appropriate and right hair fall treatment at the right time is of vital importance.

Classifying Hair Loss

There are two kinds of hair loss – one due to physical destruction or due to loss of hair follicles. If the scalp is normal is called non-scarring hair loss where if the follicles are destroyed permanently it is called scarring hair loss.

Treatment and Medication

Hair loss remedies depends on the loss of hair and the priority to mask its absence or replace it which ranges from mild to extreme and the inexpensive to the costly. Some of the hair loss treatments are

  1. Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant does not increase the number of your hairs but there is sufficient hair growth in the hair loss area. The two methods of taking hair roots are

  1. Stitch-less Method

In this method hair roots are individually harvested from the donor area one by one. This is done by a micro punch device of 0.75 to 1 mm size and the procedure is pain free post operatively.

  1. Strip Method

Grafts are taken from the donor area in pieces of strips of hair and are closed by stitches or staples.

  1. Hair Fusion Technique

This is a non surgical procedure where hair is fused to scalp via medical gels

  1. Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an alternative styling option which is a permanent cosmetic “tattoo” that mimics short hairs of a closely shaved scalp.

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

This is useful for people at the early stages of hair loss where the plasma is formed from patients blood and injected into the scalp which stimulates hair follicle growth.

  1. Scalp Reduction

Involves the removal of non-hair bearing skin from the scalp and is stretched on the remaining hair – bearing skin to fill the bald area of the head.

  1. Ultraviolet Light Treatment

Phototherapy is given where the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, however a medicine called psoralen is applied to make your skin sensitive to the light.

  1. Artificial Hair

Artificial Hair in fact is a treatment for male-pattern baldness which using local anesthesia to implant synthetic fibers into the scalp.

  1. Cloning

Cloning involves taking small amounts of person’s remaining hair cells, multiplying them, and injecting them into bald areas.

  1. Intense Laser Therapy

The affected hair follicles are directed to visible and monochromatic laser which increase blood circulation and promote healthy hair follicle.

               Doing nothing is perhaps the best solution for dealing with loss of hair. But remember to choose a treatment that works which is product safe, no side effects and the no of success rates by the hair loss professional.

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