It is normal to lose hair as it is backed up naturally by hair growth. Hair fall relates to many reasons such as aging, indication of illness, stress, genetic, hormonal changes and so on. Few basic lifestyle changes like drinking lots of water, good sleep pattern, regular exercise leads to improvement on hair.

No matter what kind of hair you are blessed with, there are things you can do to make it look healthy, shiny and lustrous. Here are few tips from ayurveda which has been followed at any age and is natural, thus people are focusing on it as it has no side effects. These are time tested remedies that are sure to work wonders on hair.


  1. King Of All Herbs – Bhringaraj

It is very effective in enhancing hair growth. Take few leaves and make a paste and apply on your scalp. Leave it for around 20mins and wash thoroughly with cold water. It is not easily available in the cities and thus can be either purchased as a dry powder or in the form of oil based.

  1. Coconut /Almond/Rosemary Oil

Choose any oil, heat it till warm and apply on the scalp. Massage it well as it improves the blood circulation on your scalp, while massaging use the fists to gently tap the head all over. You can even do a warm wrap on your head, wherein you can immense the towel in hat water and wrap it around the head and leave for an hour and wash with mild shampoo. This helps in hair grow better, thicker and longer and reduce hair fall.

  1. Coconut Oil With Curry Leaves

Heat coconut oil with curry leaves. Allow it to cool down. Strain and store in a bottle. Both the ingredients are good in enhancing hair growth.


  1. Coconut Oil With Lemon

Mix coconut oil along with lemon and apply on scalp. Leave it for 30 mins and wash with mild shampoo. It helps to reduce dandruff.

  1. Coconut Oil With Camphor

Mix a small amount of camphor in coconut oil and store it in a bottle. Apply every night before going to bed as it cools the scalp and help reduce dandruff.

Natural Hair Colour

  1. Henna

Coloring hair using chemical based products leads to hair fall and dull hair. Instead using fresh henna leaf paste or the henna powder available at ayurvedic shops can be used. Add either tea concoction or instant coffee powder for the desired colour.Apply and leave it for an hour and wash thoroughly. It not only covers graying but also nourishes the hair.

  1. Garlic Peel Dye

Take garlic peel outer skin in large quantity as it will reduce. Roast the peel till it becomes black ash. Filter the ash in a cotton cloth to a fine powder. Add in olive oil to make a fine paste. Allow it to settle for a week in a dark room. After a week apply it on your head just like normal dye preferably in the evening and wash it the next morning. This hair colour will give a natural look and also keeps the hair healthy as it contains olive oil.

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