People use hair colors to increase the natural beauty of their hair. The present fashion demands different types of hair coloring that includes highlighting and using unusual colors as well.

While there is nothing wrong with changing it up once in a while, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to changing one’s hair color.

Advantages of Hair Coloring

  • Any hair color adds a coating to your hair, which actually improves and thickens the texture of your hair.
  • Hair color protects your hair from environmental hazards such as pollution, wind, excessive heat from the sun, and cold temperatures in the winter.
  • You can express and show off your personality by trying different colors.
  • Hair color can make you look younger by helping you hide and get rid of unwanted gray hair!
  • You can buy hair color in just about every shade of the rainbow, in every country and on every continent, at any moment.
  • Hair color can improve your self-image. If you feel like a wallflower, refreshing your color can revitalize your style.
  • If you like shiny hair, try hair color again! Color helps refract more light so it adds dimensions to your hair and helps reflect colors, which adds more shine!
  • Hair color glazes and semi permanent hair colors can enhance your natural hair color without changing it. These colors are typically temporary, lasting only 30 days or so.
  • If you have weak hair or slightly damaged hair, a semi permanent color can help build up your hair strength.
  • Choosing the right hair color shade can take you from dull and drab to fantastic and fabulous!

Disadvantages of Hair Coloring

Poor Quality – If the quality of the dye is poor it will have adverse effect on the hair of the person. Many people like to save money and do not opt for good quality hair dyes or colors. However it is not essential that the hair color that is the costliest will not have any side effect on your hair.

Application Not Done Properly– Nowadays youngsters are going after highlighting their hair. This has very bad impact on the health of the hair. However, applying it properly and with proper precautions can save your hair to a great extent. The looks also get affected if highlighting is not done properly.

Over Treating – Over treating happens when the color or the dye is left on hair for longer period of time. Even if a relaxer or perm is left for longer time on the hair for more than it should be left, it affects the hair badly.

Under Treating – Coloring of hair takes time and the color has to be left applied on hair for some time period. If the colour is not allowed to set and it is removed or washed before time, it will not be able to cover gray hair. If the intention is to highlight your hair, it will give faded results and you will not get the outcome that you wished.

Reactions Due To Allergy – Hair colour causes allergy to many people. This is why every hair color company advices to take a patch test before applying the color to your hair.

Bad Effects Of Chemicals – Usually the hair color that you will buy in the retail shop contains chemicals and since there are varieties of chemical used they have their effects on your hair.

The chemicals may have adverse effects on your hair so it is essential that you find out the whereabouts of the dye you are using and then take the patch test so that you know whether it is safe for you or not.

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