Hair fall is a common problem witnessed by both genders. Some people experience hair loss or balding as early as 20 years of age. Research articles mention that almost 95% of hair loss can be accounted to genetic factors. Despite the presence of several approved medications to treat hair loss, there are cases in which hair fall goes overboard and one may have an only option to resort to cosmetic procedures. There a couple of these procedures which have gained popularity owing to the celluloid industry and the fashion trends that it propagate at free will. Some famous cosmetic procedures to fight hair fall or rather that corrects hair fall are discussed here.

Scalp Reduction

In this procedure bald part of the scalp is removed medically and the hair bearing part of the scalp is gently stretched over the bald patch. This is mostly effective for frontal hair loss. Local anesthesia is given to the scalp. The bald patch is replaced with a gently stretched healthy scalp and stitched. As a result of this the scalp may feel tight for several weeks which will eventually reduce. People who have taken this treatment have complained of headaches. Non aspirin pain killers are normally suggested to relieve the headache.

Hair Grafting

Commonly known as hair transplant, hair grafting is done by punching holes into your scalp at the less denser region, which is mostly near the crown and filling it with hair from the donor regions, which are from the back. This procedure also involves local anesthesia and a sedative for relaxing the patient. The holes are made and these are filled with one or more strands of hair from the donor sites and stitched to the scalp. The stitches may fall out in a period of 10 days. Hair transplant comes with several side effects such as bleeding, itchiness, pain, scarring, hiccups (weird but true), infection and so on. However, these are just temporary discomforts.

Artificial Hair Implants

Much like hair grafting, artificial hair implants follow similar surgical procedures only simpler with lesser after effects. Unlike hair grafting artificial hair transplant uses thin hair like fibers that match your hair shade to be inserted into your scalp. This can be a bit painful but does not involve removing hair from donor regions and re planting them. Hence this is better in terms of the side effects. Also the hair that is artificially implanted stays for longer periods without falling off although not permanently.

There may be an occasional fall of hair while there is no possibility that all the implanted hair come off at once. There are 13 shades available with a maximum of 15 centimeters in height. Hair implanted using this procedure can be washed and handled just like natural hair. However the artificial hair cannot be subjected to bleaching, hair colouring or permanent waving/curling.

Hair and beauty are always interconnected and this has become the main reason behind the increasing popularity of such cosmetic procedures. An instant change in your overall beauty quotient is ensured through these procedures.

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